“I’m Here To Return This Dead Christmas Tree Now That Christmas Is Over…”

Image result for woman tries to return dead christmas tree in januaryTo an extent, you have to admire her guts. In Santa Clarita, California, a woman tried to return her Christmas tree to Costco, because she said it was dead. An unimpressed shopper behind her took a photo of her with the large (and yes, dead) tree next to her in the return line, and then posted it online writing, "If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe that someone had so little moral values or lack of conscience." He also wrote, "She did get a refund - but not happily though. It was questioned, verified purchase on her account and she was shamed to a small degree... But I don't think it fazed her because she has no conscience." The woman has not been identified but hey, it may be an idea to file away for next year, yes? (Metro)