CATastrophe Averted

I’ve hesitated posting anything online about our cat, Patches, and her recent personality issues because I wasn’t sure how my wife would react to me posting “family problems” online.  But seeing as my wife never reads my blog, I’m probably okay.

The last few weeks, Patches has become a bit of a… umm… witch.

Robin will pick Patches up and hold her (as she’s done the past seven years or so without incident) and without warning Patches’ eyes will turn black and she’ll growl and hiss at Robin.  It comes out of nowhere, and it’s pretty unnerving.  I man, that hissing sound and black eyes looking right into your soul is just downright freaky.

It was getting so bad that Robin was actually becoming afraid of her own cat.

The odd thing is that I never saw Patches do this to Robin, not even once; I only heard reports from Robin after the fact.  Patches was always fine around me – although I must admit 99% of any attention Patches gets comes from Robin.  Patches gets petted by me maybe once a week.  Robin pets her all day long.

So we called the vet – she said it sounded like it might be a “neurological disorder”.  Of course, that doesn’t sound good.  No one likes being told their kid is mentally off-balance… even if that kid isn’t the same species as you.  So we prepared our hearts for the worst.

Today, Robin took Patches in for the examination.  The vet spoke with Robin, asked tons of questions, and apparently the consensus is just that, as I said above, our cat is… well… a witch.  With a big capital W.

And that’s the determination from the doctor!  Not kidding.

Actually, our cat is very loving and affectionate, but the vet thinks her recent growling and hissing (which, again, ONLY takes place when she’s been held or petted by Robin) is her way of letting Robin know she’s stressed and not all that happy with her “pet human servant” at the moment.  The vet thinks Patches might actually be jealous of other cats in the neighborhood that Robin has been leaving food out for on the back porch.

I can TOTALLY see that.  The food dish the neighborhood cats eat from is right there in front of the glass door where Patches can see it all go down.  These cats are eating what rightfully (in her mind) is her food, and she sees the affection (albeit minimal) from Robin being doled out to other cats.

I guess that would be the equivalent of my wife making us a great dinner, but then me being told I can only have this small sample because my wife wants to share the rest of it with the really good looking male models who will be stopping by frequently at our front door over the next few hours.

Yeah, I’d probably hiss too.

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