Christmas Decorating…

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! My wife and I have decided not to get a turkey this year… we haven’t finished last year’s leftovers yet.

Here in northern Illinois it gets cold pretty quick – just had our first snow the other day, and Robin wanted to get the Christmas lights up before the weather got too bad. So we decided to put up the lights before Thanksgiving. It was truly frustrating. I searched for hours and hours and couldn’t find the lights – until I went outside. There they were… still up from last year.

I don’t mind so much having the house decorated – it’s the actual decorating that’s so torturous. Every year it’s the same thing. Drag out the ladders, hold the cold metal ladders in the freezing cold while Robin climbs the ladder to put up the lights, she then asks my opinion, and I give it. You’d think after thirteen years of marriage I’d realize that when she asks my opinion on something like “how do they look” the honest answer isn’t always the right one. Not that it matters. I could say, “they look fine” and Robin will still come back with, “no they don’t… they’re crooked.” Of course, if I say they are crooked she’ll take offense to the fact that it’s so noticeable. Essentially it’s the outdoor Christmas lights version of “does this dress make me look fat.”

Speaking of that, we just bought a Bo-Flex. And an elliptical machine. They’ve been in the basement for just over a month now. So far the elliptical has a mile and half on it, and the Bo-Flex has morphed into a pantyhose hanger.

But hey, the credit card got a workout.

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