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***Every weekday I bring you a new episode highlighting some of the stories you don't get with other media outlets!  Dumb crooks, celebrity morons, idiot politicians, and other true stories of inDUHviduals!  Find MORE weird news every day of the week on the Daily Dose of Weird News Facebook page or the Marlar House mobile app!

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  • My fiance and i are over the road truck drivers. Half the time we’re too tired at the end of the night to even turn on our tv. I found your YouTube page while searching for Burmuda Triangle conspiracy theories and now we listen to your videos everyday. It helps us have something other than work to talk about.

  • Wow – I am so thrilled to hear this! I’m glad I am able to bring you a little bit of escape each day! Since you’re on the road, it might be easier to grab the podcast version – I have podcasts for both “Daily Dose of Weird News” and “Weird Darkness”.

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