Daily Dose of Weird News

A study conducted at the University of Dusseldorf in Germany has concluded that young women are better able to cope with stress than young men. ***MARLAR: That shouldn’t be all that surprising seeing as the main cause of stress in young men IS young women.

The green movement is claiming that “diaper-free babies” will help save the planet.  That’s right – no diapers on babies at all.  They say disposable diapers create landfill waste, while washing cloth diapers pollutes the water.  So what is their solution?  Their “retro, cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly” idea is to encourage moms to let their babies go diaperless and carry tight-lidded buckets with them. They suggest parents get in tune with the baby’s bodily signals, and when it’s ready to, well, “let fly,” hold the baby over the bucket, a toilet, bushes, or any convenient receptacle.  ***MARLAR: How about holding the baby over the head of anyone who suggests this?  You think sitting next to a baby on an airplane is bad now…

Don’t stare at the chimps! That’s the new rule posted at the zoo in Antwerp, Belgium. Of course, you can’t feed them, either. Zoo officials are particularly concerned about a male chimp named Cheetah. They worry that people staring at Cheetah will prevent him from bonding with the other apes at the park. He was raised by humans, but the zoo keepers say Cheetah is now making contact with others of his kind. ***MARLAR: So, in other words, go ahead and pay the big bucks to get into the zoo – but whatever you do, DON’T LOOK AT THE ANIMALS!

Researchers claim that eating an unusually heavy meal could trigger a heart attack – especially in people who already have heart disease – with the risk of an attack jumping four times in the two hours after a large meal.  ***MARLAR: Oh, and before we forget – have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Researchers say brain scans can accurately reveal whether a person is lying or telling the truth.  ***MARLAR: The challenge now is getting politicians to WEAR the helmets.

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