Darren’s Daily Dose of Weird News – August 20, 2009

Do you like the idea of skydiving, but not the idea of jumping out of an airplane?  Entrepreneur Kent Sessions is building a skydiving simulator.  It’ll be just the thing for those who want the thrill but are afraid of heights.  He says two minutes in the simulator will cost 50 bucks.  Four 250-horsepower electric fans will be capable of suspending people in mid air.  The wind will blow past the pseudo parachutists at 150 miles-per-hour.  Kent says his SkyVentures in Union City, California, should be open by June.  ***MARLAR: Perfect if you want the sensation of falling, without that disgusting mountain and summer prairie scenery. 

The Census Bureau reports that the average American commutes for more than an hour to get to work, and that it seems to be getting longer.  ***MARLAR: And they can’t quit their jobs, because they need the money to buy gas.
An obese inmate in Texas has been charged with possession of a firearm after officials learned he had a gun hidden under flabs of his own flesh. Twenty-five-year-old George Vera was charged with possession of a firearm in a correctional facility.  The Houston Chronicle reports that Vera was originally arrested on charges of selling illegal copies of compact discs. ***MARLAR: Which were also found in the folds… along with the blank discs… the laptop he was using…

Inmates at Hillsborough County Jail in Florida are making and selling “Jailhouse Fire Hot Sauce.” The sauce is offered in “Original,” “Smoke” and “No Escape” varieties, all made from their jail-grown peppers. The inmates have been selling the sauce since 2005 for $7 a bottle. Horticulture instructor Allen Boatman estimates they’ve made $10,000 on the sauce since then. ***MARLAR: Their goal is to make a hot sauce so spicy it’ll eat through prison cell bars. 

A new Web site for former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich lets visitors tell Blagojevich what’s on their minds.  Blagojevich launched www.GovernorRod.com last Sunday. It gives the ousted governor’s schedule for speaking engagements, radio appearances and details on his upcoming book.  Blagojevich publicist Glenn Selig says the site offers a way for Blagojevich fans and supporters to connect.  That includes the comments portion of his Web site which reads, “Speak Out! Tell Rod what’s bugging you.”  Blagojevich faces federal charges, including allegations he tried to sell or trade President Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat. He denies wrongdoing.  ***MARLAR: And be sure to read his daily Bloggo!

A pizza in the new Dallas Cowboys football stadium will cost $60!  ***MARLAR: For sixty bucks, Tony Romeo should deliver it to you personally.

When it came time to choose a best man for his wedding, 32 year old David Harding,  a groom in the U.K. asked his English springer spaniel to accompany him on his W-A-L-K down the aisle.  “Frank is a big part of our family and we wanted to include him in our wedding,” said Harding’s bride, Michelle. “Before the wedding we took him to the church to make sure he was all right there and asked the reverend who said he didn’t mind at all — I even noticed he had put a dog bowl out.”  Harding said he didn’t want to offend his friends by having to pick one of them as best man, so he chose his faithful pooch, Frank, instead.  ***MARLAR: So instead of offending one, he offended them all.

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