Last Wednesday, roughly four seconds before 12:35, the digital date was 12:34:56 07/08/09. According to various social-networking sites and pseudo-news blogs, this is a momentous event that will come only once in human history. ***MARLAR: Gee… and I didn’t plan my day around it. 


Techpresident.com yesterday reported a massive spike in Facebook friends for the former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin. Techpresident tracks the Facebook popularity of various political figures on an ongoing basis. Even since their report yesterday, which had Palin with 591,635 supporters, she has gained an additional 18,368. That’s a 3 percent gain in less than 24 hours. Without precise numbers it’s hard to tell exactly how large her gain has been since the announcement Friday, but it appears to be around 9 percent.  ***MARLAR: Ah… so that’s the secret to my having Facebook success; I’ll quit my job! 


So, what’s the deal with all of the orange lobsters lately? In the past couple of weeks, there have been more than a few reports of lobsters that are orange – but not from being cooked. The latest showed up in York, Maine, where Jeremy Mirick is the co-owner of the lobster pound at the York Fitness Center – but he says the lobsters aren’t for sale. Officials at the New England Aquarium say orange lobsters are a one in 30 million rarity. But these days, they aren’t so rare. Officials have gotten reports of up to a dozen of them in the region during the last two weeks alone.  ***MARLAR: They’re orange so that they won’t be hit by sea horses while working in underwater construction zones.


Six feet under? Try 2,500 feet over.  A southern Illinois pilot says he’s designed a new way to let people who want to be cremated spread their ashes.  John Whitney Sr. of Belleville is offering to take the ashes up in his plane and spread them from a height of 2,500 feet above the place where the deceased chooses.  Whitney says the system he’s designed makes sure that the ashes are pushed out into the wind and don’t end up on the plane, or inside of it.  Whitney says you don’t have to be an aviation enthusiast to be interested in his service, but it’s definitely a market he’s targeting.  ***MARLAR: That’s got to be frustrating though – dying, coming that close to the angels, and then falling right back down to Earth.


Two families have described how they saved the driver of a car that crashed into a backyard swimming pool in Scarborough, Australia. The car crashed through a backyard fence before plunging into a family’s pool. Homeowner Don Robins says the crash happened in the middle of the night. The neighbor Neoma Higgins says the driver remained in the car as it sank and her husband was forced to dive in and rescue him. She says the driver appeared to be in shock. The 27-year-old driver has been charged with a range of traffic offenses, including driving under the influence.  ***MARLAR: And flooding the engine. 


Leeds University in England is doing a study of deja vu and seeking volunteers who have experienced it.  ***MARLAR: In a related story, Leeds University in England is doing a study of deja vu and seeking volunteers who have experienced it.


Dr. Jerald Block of the Oregon Health and Science University is calling for Internet addiction to be classified as a genuine mental disorder. In an editorial in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Dr. Block wrote that people addicted to the internet have, “drug-like cravings, withdrawal, and a constant need for more and better gear.” He said these are common compulsive-impulsive symptoms like those of addiction to drugs, alcohol, or food; and if those are considered real mental disorders, then Internet addiction should be, too. ***MARLAR: To find out more, check Dr. Block’s website.



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