The wackiest practical joke to hit England in years is called “spudding,” filling the entire interior of someone’s car with mashed potatoes and gravy. Teens often spend an entire day at a “spud party” cooking the gooey stuff. They gather it in huge vats, then dump it into a friend’s car, all the way up to the roof, in the dead of night.  ***MARLAR: This is particularly cruel if the victim is on a low-carb diet.


Reverend William Lewis is a two-fisted preacher. He says he grew up in a tough part of Los Angeles where boxing was an easy choice. Lewis still boxes. He’s now the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Fremont, Nebraska. He’s trying to bring a fresh approach to reaching young people, including services with a band. Lewis also rides a motorcycle. He says if the apostle Paul were alive today, Paul might be boxing and riding a bike, too.  ***MARLAR: It’s a new twist on being a bible-thumper. 


Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago discovered that the human nose can sniff out danger. Volunteers smelled two very similar grassy scents and couldn’t tell them apart. They were then given an electric shock when they were exposed to one of the scents. Afterward, they were able to tell them apart. Scientists said it shows that sense of smell has a survival mechanism.  ***MARLAR: The test subjects now have a better sense of smell, but they developed an irrational fear of grass.


A Chinese man is hoping to find his way into the Guinness Book of World Records after creating what he claims is the world’s largest working mobile phone. Not very mobile, the 3-foot high phone weighs 48 pounds and our friend says it’s an exact copy of his own phone — just 620 times bigger. Only problem is it does have to be plugged in as the inventor, who has only been identified by his last name — Tan — says he hasn’t managed to build a big enough battery. Otherwise it functions perfectly.  ***MARLAR: Except that it doesn’t get a good cell signal.  Oh, wait – I guess it IS a perfect replica!


IPods are making their way into the workplace and they’re not always welcome.  While some employers have found that letting people have iPods has increased productivity others say they’re a distraction.  Some are also concerned about employees connecting their MP3 players to a company’s computers to download sensitive data.  On the upside, some employers put audio training programs on iPods so they can use commute time to study instead of being stuck in a company meeting for long periods of time.  ***MARLAR: That would mean that you’re driving listening to a staff meeting… but it’s dangerous to sleep behind the wheel!


Bern, Switzerland, is hoping to keep men from using parking spaces reserved for women by painting them pink and adding flowers. ***MARLAR: And if that doesn’t work, they’ll create special parking spaces just for men equipped with a toilet, big screen TV, and a mini fridge.


A few engineering students from Cranfield University in England have created the ultimate boy toy — a full-sized remote controlled Hummer H3! It took the students about a month to convert the $78,000 vehicle into an oversized child’s toy. Dr. James Brighton, who masterminded the project, said, “Everyone will be amazed by the handling ability– the best any radio-controlled vehicle has had to date.” ***MARLAR: Hey, guess what I’m adding to my Christmas wish list!




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