What exactly is “good customer service?”

Image result for What is good customer service?What is good customer service? Customer service means “getting things done in an accurate manner on a timely basis and at a reasonable price,” Tim Calkins, clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, explained to 24/7 Wall St. It’s all driven by our expectations. That is, when we receive excellent customer service by Amazon or Chic-fil-A, we come to expect that as the norm. So when Comcast or Bank of America offers something far less than that, it can seem even worse than it actually is. Sometimes, the comparison isn’t really fair. After all, it’s far easier for Chic-fil-A to replace a sandwich we don’t like than it is for Comcast to quickly fix interrupted cable service.  ***Although, if Comcast were to also bring over free Chic-fil-A when they arrive to fix your cable, that would do wonders for their service ratings, am I right?