Fake friends…

o Today is CUBBYHOLE APPRECIATION DAY.  ***MARLAR: I remember cubbyholes in kindergarten… hated them.  Then, in my first radio job, instead of a locker I was given a cubbyhole.  Still hated it.

o Today is CONTRAST DAY, a day to appreciate music by playing Vivaldi, Bo Diddley, Jaci Valesquez, and Megadeath.  ***MARLAR: Of course, we wouldn’t have any listeners left if we did that… so forget I said anything.

o Today is FAKE FRIEND DAY.  In 1991 The U.S. issued a patent (#5,035,072) to Rayma Rich of Las Vegas for the Collapsible Riding Companion, a simulated male human head and torso to ride shotgun with a lone driver. When not riding, the device collapses into a lightweight easy-to-carry travel case.  ***MARLAR: Boy, the desire to abuse the carpool lane rules would be overwhelming, wouldn’t it?

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