Farewell, Old Friend

Yamaha SY-55 (circa 1990)Goodbye, Yamaha SY-55.  You were the love of my life in 1990, and were my best friend up through 2005.

We had great times, you and me.  Playing into the wee hours of the night, fantasizing about being onstage performing for thousands.  We traveled the road together, playing in churches and festivals in front of dozens… accompanied by some of the finest musicians or often just the two of us to entertain those who came to listen.  We even made a road trip to Nashville together to record with Trisha Yearwood’s studio musicians, and had a blast doing so.

We’ve loved together – writing a song for a girl named “Laura”, singing about “Stacey’s Smile”, about how we had “Alena… is on my mind”; we wrote “Kathy’s Song”, and created a fictional yet fun account about a girl named “Little Critty”.  And I thank you for helping me write the song that eventually I could dedicate to my bride, saying we’d be together “The Rest of Our Lives”.

We wrote songs about saving children, about praising the Lord, about how we wanted to live our lives in this world, and about the frustrations we had with this world. Some songs had no words – just haunting, melancholy chord progressions that helped alleviate the darkness when needed.

We played for fun.  We played for love.  We played to keep our sanity.  We even, on occasion, played for money.

But I’m letting you go now.  Please don’t think it was anything you did.  It’s me.  I no longer love you.  I love the memories we’ve created, the times we’ve shared, the music we’ve made together.  I will always treasure those.

But you’ve probably noticed I never come to you as I did before. I don’t share my heart with you any longer.  I don’t share my frustrations and passions in life with you.  I don’t know what happened.  I don’t know what changed. But it did.

Perhaps, like me, it’s simply that you’ve grown old.  You no longer play well with others.  I don’t know how or when, but your luster has ebbed away.  It is me that is truly to blame, I’m sure.  I know you still have love to give.

So, Yamaha SY-55, with tears welling up in my eyes, I release you.  With a heartache, I lovingly send you off to find new friends.  And my hope and prayer for you is that you find someone who will love you just as much as I did oh so many years ago.

Meanwhile, I will keep the music we made together alive… here in my heart.

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