For Whom Does The Booth Toll? It Tolls For Thee.

Chicago SkywayToll booths… I hate them.
I can understand why they are needed – although it seems to negate the necessity of raising my taxes for road construction if I then have to go and pay a second time for that which I’ve supposedly already paid for. But what I truly cannot understand is why I’m charged yet again – the third time – for the toll road.
I pay my taxes, then I pay to get on the toll road. So why on Earth am I then required to pay yet again to get off the toll road? What sense does that make? If I rent a car, do I have to pay to use it and also pay to return it? That’s how paying to get off the tollway feels to me.
We don’t do this with other things in the world. The custom is to pay once, get the product or service, and you’re done. If you ride the roller coaster at the carnival, they don’t force you to fork over three more tickets to get off the ride. Every time I pull off the tollway and come up to another booth, it’s like I’ve just used a pay toilet and now they’re charging me again so I can open the door to leave the stall.
I’m currently in Cleveland, Ohio – and to get here I had to use both the I-Pass in Illinois and the I-Zoom in Indiana. Can you really use a term like “zoom” that indicates quickness and speed when they force you to stop every eight miles so they can take another buck-fifty from you?
I like the name I-Pass much better, but it’s very misleading. It makes it sound like paying the toll is optional. “That will be $1.80, Sir.”
“No thanks, I pass.”
Don’t try that, by the way. Trust me. Toll booth operators apparently are bred to have no sense of humor.

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