“What Goes Around, Comes Around” – Now Proven By Science!

Image result for what goes around comes aroundThe old saying, “What goes around, comes around” is now backed by science. A Harvard study confirms that being kind to other folks is contagious benefiting all of us so be good for goodness’ sake. Study participants played a “public goods” game, in which one person gave money to others. The players did not know each other before the game, and they never played it more than once with the same person. Despite their lack of personal connections, the players’ generosity in the first round was tripled by others, who were influenced to show even further kindness by giving more money. The conclusion was that when folks are the recipient of generous acts, they “pay it forward,” creating a domino effect of increasing kindness. Among other fascinating findings by the study’s researchers, Harvard University physician Nicholas Christakis, and James Fowler, a social scientists at the University of California San Diego, is that happiness, loneliness and obesity can have a contagious effect, too.