Hanging With Mr. Holmes

Earlier today I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Holmes (http://www.SteveHolmesNOW.ning.com) – as well as the new members of his team, Brooke and Trish.

It was an interesting experience when I first walked in. I was 90-minutes early due to an audition a few hours before that had finished up earlier than expected, so I was able to arrive and rest up, continue to memorize my newly-found monologue I’d found the night before that I thought would really show off my acting chops, update Facebook, lose a few thousand dollars of faux money playing Texas Hold-Em on my Droid, etc.

I also took the opportunity to read the script for a movie that I’m being considered for. Sadly, it was a short script. Had it been a longer script I might not have had the opportunity to stop reading and notice those gathering around me.

Models. Gorgeous, female, way-too-pretty-to-be-in-the-same-room-with-me models. It was a bit unnerving. In fact, it was quite confusing seeing as I’m an actor and I was there to audition to be an actor – while I’m surrounded by dozens of beautiful young women whose goal is to be featured on the fashion runways of the world.

I had to be in the wrong room.

But it turns out I was in the right place, and arriving 90-minutes early to an audition has its benefits… like being the only man in the room surrounded by what I’ve just described. And seeing as I’m about 325lbs, this scenario is that much more impressive.

Once the meeting began I realized this was not a typical audition. I’m used to walking in at my assigned audition time, handing my resume and head shots to the Casting Director, doing my monologue or reading the sides for a character in front of a camera, and then leaving.

Uh… no. Steve Holmes wants to challenge you as an actor to see what you have to offer. He gave me a short script to memorize, and told me that would be the script I’d be using for the audition.

Umm, exsqueeze me? Baking powder? (Sorry, Wayne’s World reference.) Do you mean to tell me that I’ve been busting my butt for the past twenty-four hours to memorize a really dramatic and powerful monologue, and I’m supposed to forget all of that and memorize some completely new script in the span of 30-minutes and make it believable in front of a camera? Are you INSANE?!

Apparently, yes. Steve Holmes is insane. I’m guess that’s why he’s as good as he is at what he does.

“Next, you’re going to improv a scene with another actor,” he continued. Gee. Kinda wishing I’d taken that class at Second City that I considered last fall… oh well.

All in all it was a great time today (I survived) – and it just confirmed in me that once in a while, in any career, you’re going to have a curve ball thrown your way – and you need to be able to handle it.

Not that I’m saying I want to work under those circ***tances ever again, mind you. So if you’re reading this and you decide to hire me for your next TV or film project, I would greatly appreciate sufficient time to memorize the script you plan on using. I’m just saying.

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