How You Undress Reveals Your Personality

How You Undress Reveals Your Personality

Image result for getting undressedPeople are usually judged by how they dress. But how about how they undress? “How a person takes off his or her clothes and what they do with those clothes can reveal quite a bit about one’s personality,” Dr. Jane Greer, a New York psychotherapist and author of “How Can You Do This To Me?” “These six styles of shedding your clothes can help you get to know yourself better.”

The Tosser
If you throw your clothes all over the place, you’re friendly, the life of the party type. Although others may think you’re a slob, you’re really a happy individual who doesn’t care what others think.

The Neatnik
If you remove each piece of clothing and put it away immediately, you may believe that the best way of solving life’s problem is to prevent them in the first place. You’re dependable, sometimes intense, and you know how to pay attention.

The Dabbler
If you take off your pants and get around to taking off your skirt 10 minutes later, you are a deep thinker who ponders the meaning of life. You don’t like being rushed. Having free time is most important.

The Sprinter
If you shed your clothing as quickly as possible, you’re a busy person who often feels stressed. However, you may also be a passionate person who wants to change quickly in order to have fun.

The Jeweler
If you take off your jewelry before anything else, you’re a warm and sensitive person. You are considerate and romantic, thoughtful and a good friend.

The Adventurer
If you don’t have an undressing routine, or you never do it the same way twice, bravo. You enjoy a broad range of activities and take risks. You’re a sociable, fun-loving individual.