I’m ba-a-a-ck…

After what seems two weeks, but in all actuality was only five days, I’m now back to doing my morning radio show, “Marlar in the Morning” with Cindy Swanson on 101QFL.

If there was any way to not take a sick day, ever, I’d do it. Not because I enjoy getting up each morning at 4:30am (I don’t), but taking a day off means having that much more work piled up when I get back. I came in this morning and I swear it’s going to take me five days to catch up from the five days I was gone. Unfortunately, the “due date” for everything on my desk waiting to be done is… well… tomorrow.

Nice. So I guess it’s going to be a long day. Good thing I have no friends, otherwise something like this might cramp my social life.

Treasure Island / The Island / L'île Perdu Version IIMy co-host, Cindy Swanson, has an amazing blog called “Notes in the Key of Life.” Not only is it a great blog, but she gets some great readers – and responses once in a while. In fact, just yesterday, Jorge Garcia (Hurely on “LOST”) stopped by and commented on her blog. How cool is that?!?

I’m supposed to be the self-marketing guy around here, always pushing my name in front of people trying to get noticed, then Cindy posts one little blog about her love for the TV show “LOST” and suddenly one of the stars of the show posts to her blog.

Apparently my LOOKING like Hurley just isn’t enough for her!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Aaron Escobar™

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