“Indrid Cold: The Grinning Man” and 6 More Terrifying and True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Indrid Cold: The Grinning Man” and 6 More Terrifying and True Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: In commemoration of St. Patrick’s Day, we have a story of soldiers and spirits that dates back to the Battle of Antietam Creek, the bloodiest single day of the Civil War. The story of the Irish Brigade – and the ghosts left behind. (“Charge Of The Irish Brigade”) *** The fear of being buried alive has been a constant companion of mankind for as long time as anyone can remember. It’s due to this fear that we have safety coffins still in use today, more than 200 years after their invention. (“The Strange History Of Safety Coffins”) *** In one particular hospital, the staff avoid booking people into Room 228 – and for good reason. (“Haunted Hospital Room”) *** A sewing machine salesman sees a car speeding towards him – a car like none he had ever seen. When the passenger gets out, he has a terrifyingly large grin, and spoke to him – but without using any words. (“Indrid Cold: The Grinning Man”) *** Cloven footprints are found in new-fallen snow. That in itself would not be strange, except that the creature that left the prints was only walking on two legs. (“The 1855 Devil’s Footprints”) *** What is the earliest memory you have of your childhood? One girl has a memory of floating over her own body – when she was only three years old. But that was only the beginning. (“I Have This Vivid Memory”) *** John Emil List planned the murders so carefully, he almost got away with it. In fact, it took 18 years to catch him. (“John List: The Perfect Family Man Who Killed His Perfect Family”)

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