It was unusually quiet in the backseat though…

SpongeBob & FriendsNext time you run through your checklist of things you don’t want to forget when you go on vacation, be sure to include your kid on the list. That is where a Belgian family went wrong last week, when they left their son on a bench next to their caravan. The family had stopped at a French highway rest stop and set up their caravan for the night. When the young boy got too hot indoors, he decided to sleep outside on a bench. When he woke the next morning, his family was gone, and he was on his own without any money or a phone.  ***MARLAR: Wouldn’t you know you have left your kid behind when you stop hearing the question, “Are we there yet?”

A New Hampshire man says he swiped his debit card at a gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes and was charged over $23 quadrillion dollars. Josh Muszynski checked his account online a few hours later and saw the 17-digit number — a stunning $23,148,855,308,184,500. Muszynski says he spent two hours on the phone with Bank of America trying to sort out the string of numbers and the $15 overdraft fee.  ***MARLAR: You just took 23-quadrillion dollars out of the guy’s account – what makes you think he has fifteen bucks for an overdraft fee?

A New Jersey man has pleaded guilty to stealing 91 lobster tails from an Atlantic City casino’s kitchen by cramming them into his jacket and backpack. He’s been sentenced to four years in prison.  Anthony Jones took the frozen lobsters from Bally’s Atlantic City in February and tried to sneak them out in his jacket and backpack. A security guard monitoring a surveillance camera noticed his clothes were unusually bulky, and stopped him.  He pleaded guilty to burglary on Friday in deal with prosecutors, who dropped additional charges.  ***MARLAR: Like the follow-up robbery of the melted butter store. 

It’s a chance to spend the night in jail — but not by doing anything illegal. A Missouri sheriff is turning the lock-up into a bed and breakfast for a night. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is charging $50 a person or 90 bucks a couple for a tour of a recent addition and an overnight stay later this month. The proceeds will go toward mattresses at the new jail. Guests at the crossbar hotel will be able to take home Jefferson County “bed and breakfast” T-shirts and souvenir mug shots. ***MARLAR: It’s a bed and breakfast… and obviously the beds are bad because this is a fundraiser for new mattresses. 

Dog groomer wanted – for an Illinois state prison. But it’s not to keep guard dogs looking sharp. The Decatur Correctional Center has a dog-grooming training program. It’s called CLIP, for Correctional Ladies Improving Pets. Now, the women’s prison is looking for a new person to take over. The woman who has done it since 2002 is stepping down. Prison officials say few of the inmates who’ve receive the training have returned. Former inmate Katrina Williamson says CLIP changed her life. She found a job grooming dogs right after being released.  ***MARLAR: Graduates do reserve the right to refuse service to police K-9s.

A deaf puppy in Britain is being taught sign language. The collie had been born on a farm but his deafness meant he was useless as a working dog. Instead of being put to sleep, a retired teacher of deaf kids adopted him and has now begun teaching Sam sign language. ***MARLAR: And he’s already learned his first sign… “fire hydrant”.

In Hugo, Oklahoma, the mother of a teenage girl involved in an argument at a school track meet tried to shoot the mother of the other girl involved in the dispute, instead wounding a bystander. Police disarmed and arrested Sonya Bostic, 33, while the bystander was taken to the hospital.  ***MARLAR: They’re now considering a 30-day waiting period for all PTA meetings.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Looking Glass

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