Julie Hall & Darren Marlar on WOLY-AM, Battle Creek, MI

What a blast it was this morning being the guest host on AM1500, WOLY in Battle Creek, MI.  Julie Hall is their morning show host and she was totally splendiferous to be around!  We totally broke all of the radio rules though – for more than an hour we played maybe one song, never said what time it was or what the weather was going to be like, I think we took maybe one commercial break.  Julie will most likely be fired tomorrow for talking about “breaking wind” on a Christian radio station, but at least she’s going out with a laugh. 

Julie was kind enough to record the interview from this morning for me – so I’m posting it here for YOU to listen to!  (Listen to the player posted above.) It’s a bit distorted the first few minutes in, but it clears up so keep listening.  This girl has the most amazing laugh ever.  It’s infectious.  She makes me want to move to Battle Creek just so I can be on the radio with her.  Most fun I’ve had on the radio (aside from my own show, of course) in years!

While you’re listening to the podcast, you can also check out some info about where I’m going to be tomorrow night (Lakewood, OH) by reading this online article from the Lakewood Sun Post!

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