Mother’s Day Banned!

While most of us were getting ready to honor our mothers for Mother’s Day, students at a certain private (and pricey) private school in New York were being informed that – because some children are being raised by same-sex couples, Mother’s Day had been banned at school. Don’t worry though, in the interests of fairness, Father’s Day is also a no-no. Parents of children who attend Rodeph Sholom Day School in New York did not find out about this new school policy until their children showed up at home with a note tucked in their book bags. ***MARLAR: Sure, so let’s ban every holiday that maybe a small minority of people might be offended by – after all, it’s only fair. Christmas… gone. Easter… gone. Independence Day… gone. Halloween… gone. Valentine’s Day… gone. Let’s get rid of all of them… after all, one or two people might not like those days. It’s only fair, right? Hey, while we’re at it, let’s ban Be Kind To Teachers Week… we need to be consistent now. And hey, teachers, you know all of those Federal holidays you get off that no one else gets? Like Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, etc.? Well… I’m offended that we don’t get those days off unless we work for the government… so we should ban all of them too!

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