No More Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My lazy Sunday afternoon has suddenly become “Holy cow, where did all of this work come from that I have to get done before tomorrow?!??!”

Not that I’m complaining.  I love being busy – it keeps me moving forward, rather than wondering what Captain Archer is going to encounter in the next episode of “Star Trek: Enterprise” on Netflix.

I have about three hours of voice work to accomplish, I have a script to read and memorize for a film audition tomorrow, I have show prep to do for this next week of radio broadcasts, two more episodes of my “Daily Dose of Weird News” to record and produce, and I’ve just landed a voiceover role for an audio drama that I suddenly need make room for in my schedule, plus I have an assignment to listen to and grade for my voice student (I’ve not forgotten about you, Chris)!

Somewhere in there I really need to fit in a workout on the elliptical machine too, as I don’t have much of an opportunity on workdays to workout as I should.

So my solution to all of this?  To take five minutes out of my day and tell you about it here in my blog. Apparently I need to set aside some time for working on priorities as well.

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