Pet Airways?

Crossing the November SkyThis plane had just two wings, but lots of noses and tails.  It’s the first flight for Pet Airways — the only passengers are dogs and cats.  It was founded by a couple who didn’t want to put their Jack Russell terrier through another trip in a plane’s cargo hold.  The first flight took off Tuesday from an airport in suburban New York.  Pet Airways will fly a pet between New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles for $250 one way.  And the pets don’t get stuck in cargo,- where temperatures can vary widely. They fly in the main cabin of a Suburban Air Freight plane, which has been retooled and lined with carriers in place of seats.  About 50 pets are on board each flight. They’re escorted to the plane by attendants who’ll check on them every 15 minutes.  The pets get pre-boarding walks and bathroom breaks. And at each of the five airports, there’s a “Pet Lounge” in which passengers can wait and sniff before boarding.  Flights on Pet Airways are already booked up for the next two months.  ***MARLAR: And today’s in-flight movies… “The Shaggy Dog” followed by “That Darned Cat.”


Braeden Furlow has made the tee shot of a lifetime – and he’s only six. The Michigan youngster teed up his SpongeBob SquarePants ball and made an 85-yard hole-in-hole. It was just his fourth time playing golf. Braeden was playing with his parents earlier this month at The Heathlands course. Neither his father nor mother has ever gotten an ace. His dad Travis jokes maybe young Braeden should quit while he’s ahead. But Travis Furlow tells the News Advocate his son is anxious to hit the links again.  ***MARLAR: And pro golfers are now scrambling to find SpongeBob SquarePants golf balls. 


A bad morning turned into a surprise treat – or make that Tweet – for a New York City woman’s followers on Twitter.  Annemarie Dooling was in line at an HSBC bank in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday morning when she realized it was being held up.  The track ball on her BlackBerry was broken and she was unable to call police or use e-mail. So she turned to Twitter, giving a play-by-play of the robbery in updates of 140 characters or less.  Police kept her and other patrons in the bank for hours, even after the robber fled.  By the end of the saga, she gained more than 200 Twitter followers for total of more than 2,100. The robber, who made off with $500 after handing the teller a threatening note, hasn’t been caught.  ***MARLAR: And is ignoring all friend requests. 


It sounds a little like Christmas in New York City this week.  Salvation Army bell ringers and collection kettles are out on a-half dozen Manhattan street corners.  The Christian charity’s week-long summer fund drive is raising money to meet increasing pleas for assistance during the economic downturn.    Salvation Army bell-ringer Lilybeth Ciriaco says she has been getting curious reactions on the street, but people are very giving.  The Salvation Army says donations have held steady this year, but the needs are greater.  ***MARLAR: And just in time, because the malls are already decorating for Christmas!


Believe it or not, television’s favorite animated sponge is now 10 years old.  “SpongeBob SquarePants” has been TV’s most popular animated show for children aged 2 to 11 for all these years now, and a not-so-secret factor to its appeal is that many parents—and even people without kids—love it, too. It’s a cash cow that has generated $8 billion in merchandising revenue for Nickelodeon. ***MARLAR: Don’t believe me?  Just look around at how many homes have sponges. 


In an interview with Conservatism, the quarterly journal of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, Dr. David Hope, the Archbishop of York warns that the Internet has the potential to destroy society. “This technology is something that could ultimately devour us,” Hope claims. “The danger is in having all this wizardry in individual homes which people never leave and where there is, as a result, no social interaction…”  ***MARLAR: You know, kind of like when they invented the phone.


Doctors studying airline passengers say being crammed in a tight airplane seat for hours could result in something called “economy class syndrome,” which is a blood clot in the leg that can actually be fatal. ***MARLAR: Not to worry though – the airline food will kill you first.



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