“THE SCRATCHING” – and 9 more TRUE paranormal stories! #WeirdDarkness

“THE SCRATCHING” – and 9 more TRUE paranormal stories! #WeirdDarkness

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Featured in this episode from MyHauntedLifeToo.com…

“The Spirit Of My Mother Visited Me”
Submitted by Melissa Wilson, Idaho

“The Ghost Child: A True Paranormal Experience”
Submitted by Nancy Viletto, Ohio

Written by Daichi Tsushima. Taken from the book Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan by Thomas Bauerle – now available on Kindle and paperback.
Original artwork by Matthew Meyer, http://yokai.com/

“The Old Hag – Story 1”
Submitted by Peelzgrabber

“Creepy Happenings Near My Sickbed”
Submitted by Con Deacon, Ontario

“The Knocking, Slamming Mist That Haunts My House”
Submitted by Jane Gill, Connecticut

“Who Was That Girl?”
Written by Yurika Matsuoka. Taken from the book Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan by Thomas Bauerle – now available on Kindle and paperback.

“I’m Home! The Ghost Of My Living Mother”
Written by Reddit user SlyOleAbe

“The Old Hag – Story 2”
Submitted by Reddit user FarmPhreshScottdog

“The Scratching Sound That Haunted My Visit”
Submitted by Chris Rostell, Canada

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