“The Secret Goals of the Illuminati” and 4 more scary but true stories! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode of Weird Darkness: In Old Louisville, Kentucky, and old, gnarly tree is rumored to be the meeting place of witches past… and witches present. *** Is there any truth behind the urban legend of the disappearing hitchhiker? *** A young girl in a dark hotel room experiences an even darker apparition. *** The Illuminati. Who were they, what was there agenda? And do they still exist? *** A ghostly voice whispers the word “bang” into the ear of a sleeping child. *** A sunken submarine rises unexpectedly three years after sinking.

If you have a story you would like narrated, you can send it to me at WeirdDarkness.com. I’m looking for both true and original paranormal stories, original tales of fiction that are dark and strange, articles on true events or unsolved mysteries and monsters, even creepypastas you’d like to hear – either your own or written by someone else. Share them all with me at WeirdDarkness.com.

Featured in this episode…

“The Phantom Hitchhiker”

Written by Cindy Parmiter

From the book “Could It Be True, Volume 1: Urban Legends”

Available as an audiobook at http://www.WeirdDarkness.com


“Strange Accounts From My Childhood Home”

Posted at Creepypasta.com


“The Witches’ Tree”

Written by David Domine

From the book, “True Ghost Stories and Eerie Legends From America’s Most Haunted Neighborhood”


“Ghostly Submarine: The USS Thresher”

Posted at GhostsNGhouls.com


“Illuminati: Facts And History About The Secret Society”

Written by Ellen Lloyd for MessageToEagle.com


“The Man In The Mirror”

Posted at GhostsNGhouls.com


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Maureen Anne MESI

Keith Conrad

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