Sickie Poo

because the snot never stops / This is Today 115 I can’t believe I’m still sick.  I can’t remember ever being this sick with a sinus infection before.  In fact, in late December I was fighting off a sinus infection without the help of a doctor or medication – and I still didn’t feel this bad.  This time around I went to the doctor at first sign of it, got antibiotics right off, and started taking Zycam and Airborne like it was candy.  I absolutely hate calling in sick to work.  I’m one of those few individuals in the world who actually enjoys what he does for a living – doing a radio show.  So when I can’t do the job, it’s frustrating. 

Of course, the plus side of all of this is that I’ve been able to catch up on my favorite TV shows: House, Heroes, Fringe, Burn Notice, Lost, and Monk.  The downside is that my head is under so much pressure and my mind is so fuzzy that I have to watch all of the episodes two or three times in order to catch the entire story.

Who has that kind of time?  Oh yeah… I do… because I’m home sick with nothing else to do.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ninjapoodles 

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