Today is NATIONAL FRENCH FRIES DAY.  French fries are the most popular food ordered in American restaurants. 22 percent of all U.S. restaurant meals include French-fries.  ***MARLAR: Include fries?  Heck, half the time fries are my MEAL.     


Today is EMBRACE YOUR GEEKNESS DAY, a day to spend endless hours going to strange places on the Internet.  ***MARLAR: You can begin at     


Today is GRUNTLED WORKERS DAY.  ***MARLAR: Not DISgruntled, but simply GRUNTLED.  It’s a day to appreciate workers who are happy in their jobs.  Assuming you can find any.


Today is CHILDHOOD MEMORIES DAY, a day to try to remember whatever happened to your Hot Wheels, your stuffed animals, your baseball cards, your apple core collection, etc.  ***MARLAR: The only memory of my childhood that I have is when my father and I played a game of our own creation called Escape. He’d tie me up in a potato sack and then throw me in the middle of the woods and drove off.  He was such a prankster.




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