Today’s Weird Holidays – October 02, 2012

Today is Peanuts Day, celebrating this day in 1950 when Charles Schulz introduced us to his pals, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Sally, and Charlie’s dog, Snoopy.  ***MARLAR: Either that or it’s a day to celebrate radio paychecks.

This is Squirrel Awareness Week begins today.  ***MARLAR: Aware?!?! I can’t get rid of the darned things!

Today is National Custodial Workers Day. ***MARLAR: And you can begin celebrating by cleaning up that mess on aisle five.

Today is Guardian Angels Day. ***MARLAR: Always on National Custodial Workers Day because they keep cleaning up our messes.

Today is Name Your Car Day.  ***MARLAR: I’ve named mine “Crash.”

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