Today’s Weird Holidays – September 06, 2012

Today is NATIONAL PLAYER PIANO DAY.  ***MARLAR: Does anyone have one of these anymore?  Not the electric kind, but the old antique versions?

Today is NATIONAL COFFEE ICE CREAM DAY. ***MARLAR: How can you go wrong combining your two favorite things in the world?  In fact, since we have coffee ice cream – shouldn’t we also have ice-cream flavored coffee?

Today is SALAMI DAY.  ***MARLAR: If you hear of someone holding a salami celebration today, don’t believe them… it’s bologna.

Today is RENT A MOVIE DAY and READ A BOOK DAY.  ***MARLAR: Or watch a few movies that were based on best-selling novels and kill two birds with one stone.  And do so while leaning against your player piano eating salami and coffee-flavored ice cream!

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