It’s about stinkin’ time. I tried to launch my new CD back in September and it just never happened – but I received email confirmation yesterday that my new live standup comedy CD, “Truth or Darren” was being shipped overnight to me, and I just received an automated phone call from UPS telling me someone needs to sign for my package today.  So it’ll likely be at the house by the time I get home today after my morning radio show!  Sweet!

So I’ve updated the website  in preparation for it – because I’m sure millions of people will immediately want to buy the CD and then buy copies for family and friends. (Okay, so in reality I’ll probably sell four to my immediate family and use the remaining 996 CDs as stocking stuffers this December when they don’t sell and are collecting dust in the corner of the garage.)

Anyway, the CD is coming out today – and regardless of the future, I’m excited about it NOW. 

WARNING – SALES PITCH COMING!: You can order my new CD via my website. Special pricing for those buying more than one CD at a time (I really don’t want to leave them in the garage)!

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