Weird Holidays – October 17, 2012

FREEDOM FROM BULLIES WEEK is this week.  ***MARLAR: The rest of the year, sadly, you must remain oppressed.

Today is BIG YELLOW HAT DAY. ***MARLAR: Which is appropriate if Curious George is part of your staff.  Otherwise, forget about it.

Today is NATIONAL GAUDY DAY. ***MARLAR: Which is what you are if you’re a bully walking around wearing a big yellow hat today  Not that anyone is brave enough to tell you that.

Today is MULLIGAN DAY, a day to give yourself or someone else a second chance, a day for a do-over.  ***MARLAR: Now life would be really cool if you could just call for a mulligan, wouldn’t it?  Did you answer a question wrong during your blind date?  “Mulligan!”  Did you wear a big yellow hat today?  “Mulligan!”

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