Weird Holidays – October 18, 2012

Today is WORLD MENOPAUSE DAY.  ***MARLAR: No comment due to my need to keep my marriage healthy and strong.

Today is PERSONS DAY in Canada.  ***MARLAR: So, if you’re in Canada, and if you’re a person, you get the day off… right?  (But ONLY if you’re a person!)

Today is NATIONAL NO BEARD DAY. ***MARLAR: So, for you men with beards, today is the day to finally discover in the mirror what you really look like without one.  Be sure to prepare your wife for a shock though.  When I shaved my beard off after nine years of marriage, Robin didn’t recognize me and I scared the snot out of her.  Ladies don’t have much to do on this day.  Then again, there was my ninth grade home economics teacher… she really needed to shave…

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