Weird Holidays – October 23, 2012

NATIONAL SAVE YOUR BACK WEEK begins today.  ***MARLAR: I won’t be bending over backwards to celebrate it though. 

Today is TV TALK SHOW HOST DAY.  ***MARLAR: I say we give all TV talk show hosts the day off today.  It’d be the only day of television worth watching!

Traditionally, the SWALLOWS LEAVE CAPISTRANO today. ***MARLAR: At least, according to their Blackberries.

Today is NATIONAL MOLE DAY. ***MARLAR: The question is WHICH kind of mole are we talking about?  The little varmints that destroy your lawn and live underground, or that thingie on Cindy Crawford’s face?  Either way, we should get rid of it!  (Actually, it has nothing to do with either one – this day actually commemorates Avogadro’s Number, which is the basic measuring unit in chemistry.  But how much fun is THAT to talk about?)

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