Weird Holidays – September 12, 2012

Today is VIDEO GAMES DAY, a day for kids to thank their parents for all the cartridges and quarters.  ***MARLAR: Of course, nowadays it’d be more appropriate to thank them for the Wii – but that just sounds nasty when you say it out loud.

Today is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE DAY.  ***MARLAR: Energy for playing video games!

Today is LASSIE DAY, marking the debut of the TV show on this date in 1954. Through the years, the cast included six different Lassies, Tommy Rettig, Cloris Leachman, and June Lockhart.

LOVE A MENSCH WEEK begins today. ***MARLAR: I had to look this one up, as I had not a clue what a mensch was.  According to the dictionary, a mensch is, “A person having admirable characteristics, such as fortitude and firmness of purpose.”  So now your job is to go out and find somebody that fits that description and shake their hand, tell them “thanks for being such a mensch” and see what kind of response you get.

This is NATIONAL NO BULLY WEEK, a time in which no one is bullied at school, at work, or in society.  ***MARLAR: People bullies can’t stand?  Mensches.  What a fun day this is going to be.

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