Weird Holidays – September 18, 2012

This is BALANCE AWARENESS WEEK.  ***MARLAR: If you find yourself trying to walk and landing on the floor constantly, you may need to increase your balance awareness.

Today is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY.  ***MARLAR: As if you need an excuse.

Today is MAKE A CORNCOB ROCKET DAY.  ***MARLAR: Find a cob, break it in half, and stick two chicken feathers in the soft stuff in the middle of the broken end. Each feather should curve out away from the other. Now, throw it as high as you can.  Fun, eh?  I didn’t think so either.

LUNCH PROWL WEEK begins today, a week when women learn to use their lunch hours to find single men.  ***MARLAR: Men – if you want to make sure you are left alone by the ladies today, spend your time playing with corncob rockets.

And finally, today is NATIONAL ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER AWARENESS DA… hey, something bright and shiny!

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