“THE WITCHES PRISON” and 4 more true paranormal stories! #WeirdDarkness

“THE WITCHES PRISON” and 4 more true paranormal stories! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode: According to one of our stories, if you see gold flames, you might want to investigate further – for your financial sake! *** A woman is woken from a nightmare, by a kind spirit. *** While we are often frightened by ghosts, is it possible that they could also be frightened of us? *** Two online reviews of a certain hotel in Vegas may give you a reason to vacation elsewhere. *** A small piece of property has just come up for sale this month in Essex. But you might think twice about living there, or opening a business there… as it was once a prison for a witch that was hung there.

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“A Haunted Vegas Hotel”

Written and researched by G. Michael Vasey


“The Friendly Ghost Who Haunts My Dreams”

Submitted by Ruth Bennet


“Crouching Ghost, Hidden Motive”

Submitted by Georgio Greco


“Gold Flames”

Submitted anonymously


“The Witches Prison”

Written by G. Michael Vasey


Copyright Marlar House Productions, 2017.

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Maureen Anne MESI

Keith Conrad

Music provided by Midnight Syndicate. Used with permission.  All rights reserved. For more information on Midnight Syndicate, “Soundtracks for the Imagination”, visit: http://www.MidnightSyndicate.com