10 Questions to Ask Before Judging

Do you need to confront a friend about something they are doing or are not doing? That’s never a pleasant situation, but there are 10 questions to examine your heart before you confront that friend: 

Is my motive pure? Is my greatest concern spiritual deliverance or restoration?

Am I approaching this issue as a self-righteous bigot, or am I offering truth as one who is equally in need of God’s transforming grace?

Am I more concerned about winning an argument for morality than I am concerned about my opponent’s need for salvation or spiritual growth?

Am I prepared to give a biblical and gracious defense of my position?

Am I addressing a truth issue, or is this a preference issue?

Is this the best time to have this conversation?

Have I thoroughly prayed over this conversation?

Am I reacting in pride or humility?

Are my emotions sinfully involved with this issue?

Can I convey love to my opponent as I deliver this message of truth?


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