10 suggestions for listening to next week’s sermon

Feel like you didn’t get much out of Sunday’s sermon? Here are 10 suggestions for listening to next week’s sermon. Print it out and be prepared:

1) Pray for the preacher and the sermon long before the service.

2) Deal with any known sin in your life before the service.

3) Have a copy of the Bible with you.

4) Sit where you can most pay attention.

5) Put your phone away.

6) Just before the service, ask God to help you hear the Word as it applies to you.

7) Listen especially to the Word of God being read.

8) Take notes.

9) Listen especially for at least one nugget of truth and application for your life.

10) Write down one or more action steps you will take in your life after hearing the sermon.

See each of these points in more details by reading the full article here.