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MontaraA Dutch man who was fed up with his neighbor’s dog barking – got his own back when he created his own barking pet.  The man from Soesterberg said: “It was day in, day out the same annoying barking”.  After months of complaining he decided to retaliate.  He added: “I took barking noises from the internet, sampled them, put them in another frequency and played them by a sound amplifier.”  The neighbors immediately called the police who entered the man’s house and pulled the plug on the man’s amplifier.  ***MARLAR: So he bit them. 

Dr. Dale Roznik home soon will be his castle. The Milwaukee-area oral surgeon and his wife are building a castle on what had been farmland. They got the idea of a castle home while visiting Germany about six years ago. It’s taken years of planning and construction, but the couple hopes to move in by the end of the year. The castle is topped by four towers. But Roznik tells the Watertown Daily Times his castle doesn’t have a dungeon, just a conventional basement. ***MARLAR: Where he watches Packers games… so either way, it’s a torture chamber. 

It’s big, it’s sweet and sets a new Guinness record. The world’s largest cupcake was on display at the Minneapolis Mall of America over the weekend. The 151-pound cupcake had 15 pounds of fudge filling and 60 pounds of yellow icing. It’s a foot tall and two feet wide. The giant treat was made by cakes.com. The company had considered giving pieces of it away.  Instead, cakes.com gave mall visitors 4,000 smaller cupcakes. That big cupcake is now going to a pig farm.  ***MARLAR: It’s a giant cupcake, and rather than giving it to us to pig out on, they’re giving it to the pigs?  Where’s the PETA people when you need them?

Rosalie James’ dance partner has two left feet – or make that paws. And two right ones. James and her 7-year-old Australian Labradoodle Rocky are champion canine freestylers. She also helped to organize the Rio Grande Canine Freestylers, an Albuquerque, N.M., group of doggie dancers. James says your pooch doesn’t have to be a wall flower. She says just about any dog can learn to dance. All it takes is practice and patience. She tells the Albuquerque Journal the most important thing about dancing with dogs is to have fun.   ***MARLAR: I hear the fox trot is easy for them.  They freestyle to “Who Let the Dogs Out” and “Hound Dog” and then go cheek to cheek with songs like “Puppy Love.”

Sometimes Simon Cowell isn’t such a grump. During a taping of ‘The X Factor,’ he proved to be a nice guy when he gave a “wad” of cash to a woman who had lost her wallet while auditioning.  ***MARLAR: He found it in a sock in Ryan Seacrest’s locker. 

In Springfield, Massachusetts, a baby shower erupted into a brawl when a man got into a fight with another man who’s dating his ex-girlfriend, and the first man was shot.  ***MARLAR: The most shocking part of the story though… two men were at a baby shower.

A physics professor at the University of Connecticut claims to have designed a working time machine. ***MARLAR: He says all he needs to finish is a case of plutonium and a Delorian.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Perfecto Insecto

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