30 Day Back To School Challenge For Dads

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 21. Start an All Pro Dad’s Day at your child’s school.

2. Eat lunch with your child at school.

3. After picking your child up from school, go get ice cream.

4. Say, “The one thing I really admire about you is ________________.”

5. Go out to dinner with your child and spouse after school.

6. Cook your child a special breakfast.

7. Ask your child what they want to be when they grow up.

8. Share your funniest memory from school.

9. Hug your child three times.

10. Go to a parent/teacher conference.

11. Put your child’s sporting events on your calendar.

12. Pray for your child’s success in school.

13. Let your child pick what’s for dinner.

14. Leave a handwritten note on your child’s pillow.

15. Chaperone a ­field trip.

16. Show your child a few of his/her baby pictures.

17. Ask your child to help you ­fix some thing in the house.

18. Say, “My favorite memory of you when you were a baby was __________.”

19. Make your child’s photo the wallpaper on your phone and show it to him/her.

20. Ask your child these open-ended questions.

21. Ask your child’s teachers about his/her behavior at school.

22. Check over your child’s homework assignments.

23. Play with your child for thirty minutes before dinner.

24. Pick a book, and read a couple pages to your child every night.

25. Pack a present for your child in his/her backpack.

26. Let your child pick a new CD to listen to in the car on the way to school.

27. Pray with your child before bed.

28. Put notes in your child’s lunchbox.

29. Take your child and a few friends out for pizza and a movie.

30. Say, “I love you because ___________.”

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