4 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Christian Persecution

Every day the news tells us of Christians being tortured, imprisoned, forced to flee, and even killed for their faith. In fact, the glut of news sometimes causes Christians to just tune everything out. But according to Relevant Magazine there are a few things we should really stop telling ourselves about Christian persecution. 1. We Have Our Own Problems to Worry About. 2. They’re suffering and we aren’t so we Can’t Help Them. 3. Persecution Means Church Growth and We Don’t Want to Get in the Way. 4. We Can’t Really Make a Difference. There are a few things we can do to show fellow believers our support 1.Pray 2.Learn about their struggles and Share them, don’t be silent. 3.Give. To read the article from Relevant Magazine go to http://relm.ag/1psmX8g

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