8 Stats That Will Change the Way You Think About Wealth

Image result for i'm richYou are likely one of the wealthiest people ever to walk the earth.

Recently, I heard a sermon that put “wealth” into a global perspective.

If you are reading this article, that means you have access to either a computer, a laptop or a smart phone. You have electricity. You have a connection to the Internet. If you know where your next meal is coming from and you don’t have to worry about getting clean water, having shelter over your head and accessing medical care, you benefit from more wealth than many people throughout human history.

In Western culture, accumulating wealth, finding career success and obtaining financial prosperity have become the focus of much of our lives. But the constant effort to earn more money can make you lose perspective on the reality of poverty and the blessings of actual wealth.

Here’s a look at eight stats that will shift the way you think about money and what it means to be rich:

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