A Greater Wisdom from Tuvoc of “Star Trek: Voyager”

“Without the darkness, how could we recognize the light?”  — Tuvoc, speaking to Kess

While Tuvoc is referring to negative thoughts that Kess was having that frightened her, he was explaining how those thoughts, along with our good thoughts, are a part of us.

However, this question (more of a statement) also works somewhat well for situations when we wonder why bad things happen or why there is evil in the world.

Bad is only bad when compared to good.  If all we experienced was good in our lives, we’d take it for granted, never truly recognizing it as good.  It would become the norm, average, stale.

Evil is only evil when it is compared to Holiness.  We all want Heaven, but how can we truly appreciate it if we were not to experience a bit of Hell first?  Not to say this is God’s plan, of course, just making an observation that Heaven will, of course, be an amazingly beautiful place – but how would we know it is so beautiful, so peaceful, so loving, so serene, if we do not first experience ugliness, hatred, antagonism, and turmoil first?

How often have we heard someone say they don’t believe in God – because  “their god” would never allow evil in the world?  “Their god” would never allow pain and suffering… and would never allow bad things to happen to good people.

Good people?  How do we know those are good people if we don’t have the bad people to compare them to?  How do we know what true pain and suffering is if we don’t have health and prosperity to see in comparison?  Not that I’d ever want pain, suffering, or anything of that sort to happen to anyone – but are they not somewhat of a blessing to help us recognize the good when it does happen to us?

Perhaps “their god” does not exist.  In fact, I’m sure he doesn’t… because that is not the god of the universe, the god of Creation.  The true God (big “G”), cannot be placed in a box, cannot be fully understood… but if you choose to trust in Him, perhaps you will also see good amongst the bad, and the miraculous amongst the evil.

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