A Modern Myth

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A Modern Myth

Did you know that a growing number of scientists are changing their minds about evolution? Find out more on today’s Creation Moments Minute.


The world-famous astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle announced that there is so much information within higher forms of life that they could not have evolved. He also said he could not understand why so many biologists deny this obvious fact and accept evolution.

Then there’s Dr. Colin Patterson, head of paleontology at the British Museum. He admitted at the American Museum of Natural History that he knew nothing about evolution that was true. After asking other scientists if they could name one thing about evolution that was true, silence was the usual answer. Dr. Patterson called the evolutionary theory “anti-knowledge.” He especially faulted those who say evolution is a fact, yet admit they don’t know how it works.

Truly, evolutionary theory is the great modern creation myth.

For the Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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