“The Abduction of Linda Cortile” and 6 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

“The Abduction of Linda Cortile” and 6 More Scary True Paranormal Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness

IN THIS EPISODE: I’ll share a heartbreaking story of love gone wrong. It’s a tale of passion, betrayal, murder, and the electric chair. (Love And The Electric Chair) *** The terrifying true story of the abduction of Linda Cortile – was she truly abucted by aliens or is there another explanation? (The Abduction of Linda Cortile) *** A man keeps seeing shadowy figures in his peripheral vision. (Her Feet Were Swinging) *** They say the widow’s ghost lingers in the tower of the Drish House – and sets the house ablaze with phantom fire. (The Drish House Hauntings) * It is said that some hundred years ago, people in Jamaica believed the powers of so-called “Shadow Killers” – but who or what were they? (The Shadow Killers of Jamaica) * Fifteen acres of land purchased by the city of Long Beach, California in 1976 is what comprises a place known as DeForest Park.  By day it is filled with sun, sand, and fun. By night, it is filled with shudders, scares, and screams. (The Darkness of DeForest Park) * Friends were planning for a good time of dirt biking, hunting, and drinking beer. They should never have visited the cemetery. (The Haunted Farmstead) *** Now.. bolt your doors, lock your windows, turn off your lights, and come with me into the Weird Darkness!

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