About Last Night, America…

While it was a huge night for Republicans, it is by no means a referendum for the Republican agenda – which is what a lot of people are trying to make this out to be.  I think more than anything, people are just ticked off at politicians in-general, in the direction they are taking the U.S. (and have been for the past 100 years) and “We the People” simply decided to vote back in the ones who were destroying our country more slowly than those currently in office.  While I hope and pray that I’m wrong, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a “restoration of America” anytime soon – unless those in office finally get a clue.  If the Republicans who were elected last night (along with the Democrats and Republicans who maintained their offices) actually look at what America was trying to say yesterday and truly act as representatives of the voters as they are supposed to do, as opposed to looking out for their own self-interests, then there is hope for our great country.

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