Advertisers know what they’re doing when targeting kids

Image result for advertisers targeting kidsAdvertisers know what they’re doing when targeting kids.  According to researchers at Stanford University, 50% of children say food from a package decorated with cartoon characters tastes better. And when given a choice, the vast majority of children chose the food from the package with the characters as their snack. Researchers presented 40 children ages 4 to 6 with clear bags of graham crackers, gummy fruit snacks and baby carrots. Each bag was identical, except one of the packages had a sticker of Shrek, Dora the Explorer or Scooby Doo on it. Almost 55% of the children said that the food with the sticker on it tasted better than the same food in a plain bag. Between 73% and 85% said they’d rather eat the food associated with the cartoon character.