Ants Challenge Natural Selection

The lowly ant had Charles Darwin confused – find out how on today’s Creation Moments Minute!

The ant had Charles Darwin questioning the validity of his own theory of evolution.
Darwin’s problem was with the worker ants. Even though they are products of sexual reproduction, they differ greatly from their parents. They are each specialized with features their parents don’t have so they can carry out their designated tasks in the nest. The problem is that these worker ants are sterile females, so they cannot pass on the traits that are unique from their parents.

Darwin never did come up with an answer to this problem, and neither have modern evolutionists. But perhaps God, in His foreknowledge, designed ant society this way to foil Darwin and those who have thought like him throughout history. Whatever the case, here is evidence that the ant neither evolved nor could have possibly evolved.

For Creation Moments Minute, I’m Darren Marlar.

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