We have quizzes for both men and women to help find out. If you’re a chronic complainer, you could be turning into a nasty nag. To find out if you might be nagging your mate too much, take our quick quiz. This first set of questions is just for the women. Keep track of how many YES answers you give.

Ladies, in the past two months, did you…

1. Complain that you wish he made more money?

2. Remind him about a bad car he bought or an item he lost even though it happened way in the past?

3. Yell at him for leaving too large a tip at a restaurant?

4. Bug him about forgetting household chores?

5. Complain when he stopped for a beer after work?

6. Demand he drop a friend who’s a bad influence?

7. Tell him how to behave at a party or event?

Now, for the men. Again keep track of your YES answers. In the past two months, did you…

1. Gripe at her for going over the household budget?

2. Beef about the money or time she spends shopping?

3. Suggest her housekeeping is not up to par?

4. Whine about her cooking?

5. Rant about her resisting your romantic advances?

6. Disapprove of the time she spends on the phone with friends?

7. Berate her for not understanding simple mechanical things?

SCORING: Give yourself a point for every YES answer.

  • Zero to 2 points: There’s no danger of you turning into a nag.
  • 3-4 points: Be careful or you could become a nag. Try to remember the situations that cause you to nag your spouse or companion. The next time, try to be more tolerant.
  • 5-7 points: You’re in the danger zone, but the good news is you can change your behavior. Try to calm yourself and put yourself in the other person’s shoes once in a while.  Finally, rather than criticize, ask for the behavior that would please you.

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