At least she didn’t go postal…

The Supreme Court ruled that a woman who tripped and fell over letters, packages and magazines left on her front porch can sue the U.S. Postal Service for the wrist and back injuries she suffered. ***MARLAR: So don’t be surprised if the price of stamps suddenly goes up by another six cents tomorrow.

A thief in Bergen, Norway, stole a shoe salesman’s sample case and got away with 24 new women’s shoes. But they were recovered after the thief threw them away upon realizing they were not 12 pairs but 24 singles, all for the left foot.  ***MARLAR: Those would’ve been perfect for (OTHER JOCK); have you ever seen that guy dance?  He’s ALL left feet!

All Americans owe a debt to Native Americans for their contributions to American culture. For example, squash, corn, and chili peppers all came from the Indians. ***MARLAR: It’s our own lack of imagination that these have not yet become part of the 31 flavors at Baskin’ Robbins Ice Cream.

Ohio officials are investigating a chiropractor who claims he can treat injuries by reaching back in time to before they occurred.  ***MARLAR: If he really can do this, that would mean he’d prevent me from ever being injured in the first place… at which point, why would I need to pay a chiropractor?

An annual survey by HR company Mercer reveals that Baghdad is the “worst place on Earth” to live.  ***MARLAR: Detroit is planning to appeal.

A restaurant in China paid $75,000 for a giant golden tiger fish because it’s believed to be good luck. ***MARLAR: The fish died during transport.

An Oregon man on vacation is accused of putting his 2 teenagers in the trunk because the car was too small to handle all 4 of his children.  ***MARLAR: As is his I.Q.

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