“The Other Babysitters” and 9 more creepy TRUE horror stories! #WeirdDarkness

“The Other Babysitters” and 9 more creepy TRUE horror stories! #WeirdDarkness

In this episode *** 4:31 = Just because you’re working in a busy office in the middle of the day doesn’t mean you can’t be disturbed by the paranormal. (The Haunted Office) *** 6:32 = A restaurant owner sees a man standing outside in the rain – but none of his employees can see the man. (No Entry!) *** 8:01 = Surrounded by sunny beaches, lush palm trees, and warm sand… and still one man is terrorized by an entity. (I Think My Hotel Room is Haunted) *** 9:38 = If you plan on staying at a strange hotel, be sure it wasn’t built on a sacred burial ground. (The Ancients Walk at Night) *** 11:56 = Just because your family doesn’t know of a death taking place in your house in the past, doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. (A Visitation From The Great Beyond) *** 16:02 = A girl babysits a group of children, but feels she’s not the only one awake in the house. (The Other Babysitters) *** 18:34 = A man is pelted with candy by an unseen entity. (The Poltergeist Who Won’t Leave Us… Ever) *** 21:51 = Can a house be haunted by… a smell? (A Ghostly Smell) *** 23:57 = A man checks in to a hotel he had no idea was haunted – yet the hotel staff knew. (The Crying Ghost of Galveston) *** 25:36 = A girl’s dorm room becomes haunted on her last day at school… but upon arriving home, she discovers the phantom has followed her. (The Voice)

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Featured in this episode from MyHauntedLifeToo.com…

“The Haunted Office”

Submitted by Dennis F., Ohio


“No Entry”

Submitted by Norris Chere


“I Think My Hotel Room Is Haunted”

From Reddit user ToastyAstronaut


“The Ancients Walk At Night”

Submitted by Mark Rawlins


“A Visitation From The Great Beyond”

Submitted by Sheena Franks


“The Other Babysitters”

From Buzzfeed user deannas478443cc9


“The Poltergeist Who Won’t Leave Us… Ever”

Submitted by Angel Ferrante, Indiana


“A Ghostly Smell”

Submitted by S. Prize, Arizona


“The Crying Ghost of Galveston”

Submitted by Paul Rand, Texas


“The Voice”

Submitted by Persis Phelps


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