Bait and Switch Standup Comedy Scam (I’m a Victim Too)

Fox 2 News Headlines

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Wolchek Investigation: Stand-up comedians say comedy booker is a – Fox 2 News Headlines

This happened to me – in fact, you can see me in the video – towards the beginning – the redhead guy with the goatee and Hawaiian shirt. My story is that I was the comedian that came in to replace the “sick” guy.  The bait and switch that took place with me was on February 12, 2015 in Columbia, MO – and I do believe that was through Charter Talent.

I showed up, they thanked me for being able to fill in for the headliner who was sick – yet I knew about the gig weeks in advance.  How can that be possible?

The show manager booked the comics through (Andy Fletcher) – which according to their website looks exactly like this Jason Cooper “Chuckle Boy” guy from last night’s news story.

Also, I see that is down – and it forwards to which is no longer available, but parked.  If I do a Google search for “Jason Cooper Chuckle Boy” – I get the search result of – which is also down, and forwards to the parked page.

I asked him to explain.  He couldn’t.  I followed that up by asking him to remove me from his list.



* UPDATE (May 25, 2015): Apparently, he’s now doing business at  We’ll see how long it takes for that site to also disappear.

* UPDATE (June 01, 2015): Over the past couple of weeks, “Bill Green” has emailed me, asking me to please contact him so he can “clarify a few things” regarding what’s happened with the news report.

* UPDATE (Update June 03, 2015): Today I get a call from Jason Fry saying he wants to talk about a few of the shows I’ve done for him and to “clarify a few things”.  Odd… I’ve never worked with or for Jason Fry.  Only Bill Green.  How can I trust Jason Fry (his real name) to represent me when he feels the need to use multiple aliases (Jason Cooper, Chuck Wozlick, Bill Green, Andy Fletcher, etc.) when communicating with me, other comedians, and his clients?